Kai Faller is a Berlin and Stuttgart based photographer whose work mainly revolves around abstract and night photography. His international work takes him to the most different places around the world.

Born in 1983, his father’s collector’s passion for antic cameras provided him with first points of contact to photography at an early age. He was able to gather his first practical experiences with analogous SLR cameras at the age of eight when he got a Leica. Therefore perfectly prepared for an upcoming holiday in Greece he discovered a passion that has not left since. Extensive study trips shaped the personal life’s journey. Travels among others to (extract): China (Hongkong), Singapore, Thailand, Chile, Argentina, U.S.A.. By his side always his, in the beginning analogous later digital camera.

As from 2012 a first long visit to Paris. While wandering through the, in late august mainly empty Paris, he discovered the special magic of the city at night. An experience that led to many more visits to the city of lights. Capturing the mood of a city at night and using the many creative opportunities is the challenge of night photography. This is lately transferred to Berlin.

To carve out the special in the ordinary is the quintessence of abstract photography. The ordinary is supposed to be photographed in an individual manner and the special separated from the surface visible to the hurried passer-by. In his series abstract photography the artist emphasizes the interaction between colour, surface, structure and patterns and shows that surprising constellations can produce great creativity.

Kai Faller lives, works in and is inspired by Berlin and Stuttgart.